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Modeling 101: Basic 3D Modeling In Maya - Gerard Anthony O. Navarro

Modeling 101: Basic 3D Modeling in Maya

This book is designed to be a learning aid platform for my students in DLSU-CSB School for Design and Arts in learning Autodesk Maya for Animation. Inside this book, we will talk about the basics of 3D Modeling through a series of simple exercises which will help you get a good foundation in starting your career in 3D Animation.

For those buying this book and are not enrolled in our school, don’t worry. This book is also designed to be a self-teach reference.

This book is patterned from the 14 Week sessions we have in AB-Multimedia Arts 3DAnimation1 & 3DBasic1 courses.

Each exercise is designed to give you a simple output in 3D but gives you a chance to get a good foundation on the principle of Modeling in Autodesk Maya.

Before you start reading this book, you must first download your own Autodesk Maya software. There are free downloads available at www.student.autodesk.com.

The software version we will be using for this book is Autodesk Maya 2011. Cheers and good luck!